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Inpatient alcohol rehab is a residential treatment where patients stay for various lengths relying on their program. The typical stay is thirty days, but most addiction therapy facilities deliver more extended programs (60 days, 90 days, or even longer). The duration of treatment relies on several components, including the severity of the addiction, the validity of any co-occurring mental health situations, and whether the individual has been through rehab ago.

Most inpatient drug rehab centers deliver family programs, where patients’ family members can participate in family activities and counseling. These centers deliver the chance to rebuild trust and specify dysfunctional relationships or dynamics that could accelerate a relapse. In addition, families can enable, motivate and support their loved ones by being energetically involved in their recovery.

These inpatient residential facilities are fundamental, with shared rooms, recreational activities, and cafeteria-style meals. Others may deliver personal luxury suites with gourmet feasts and a host of other conveniences, like a spa, pool, and gym. For many, one advantage of inpatient treatment is that it enables for the arrangement of the distance between patients and their potentially tricky home environments. Reduced from these stressors and distractions, a person has a better chance to concentrate on recovery efforts under the competent guidance and supportive maintenance of a professional dependence treatment team.

Several forms of therapy have been clinically verified to be beneficial in treating SUDs. Before going to inpatient rehab, you may need to ask what kinds of therapies this rehab gives based on your particular wants and requirements. Some therapies are more beneficial for treating addiction to particular substances, but some of the most commonly used treatment modalities comprise cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), contingency management, and motivational interviewing. Inpatient treatment centers may also assign specific experiential therapy, like music or art therapy.

For those striving with a serious substance use disorder (SUD), or dependence, inpatient rehab is a good option as it is proven that they have a long-term success rate. Inpatient treatment programs deliver an environment with 24/7 care and detailed planning for the best means to prevent relapse in the future. There are many benefits, including security and a higher success rate. From the minute an addict decides to seek medication, they are preparing to go through a severe change in their life. 

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