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Treatment for a substance use illness such as alcohol use disorder can enable the person to develop a fulfilling future in recovery. There are several different types of treatment interventions implicated in the treatment and rehabilitation procedure. Addiction treatment generally begins with the most intensive interventions (levels of care) starting the rehabilitation procedure. For many people, that initial step involves residential rehab.

Residential rehab is an inpatient treatment method relevant for people who have severe substance use disorders, mental health disorders, or both. Residential alcohol rehab is vital to retaining long-term sobriety and delivers you with continuing care choices upon discharge to facilitate long-lasting recovery.

Residential rehab centers:

  • Offer care 24/7 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Delivers scheduled and structured therapy activities and sessions in a supervised therapeutic setting.
  • Furnishes secure and safe housing.
  • Offers medical care.
  • Executes therapeutic interventions intended to help people live alcohol- and drug-free life.
  • It can help people to observe additional services such as case management, housing, therapy, and aid with legal issues upon release.

The absolute goal of residential drug rehab is to enable people to understand strategies to live a life without drugs and alcohol and build a lifestyle that is free from crime. Residential rehab, due to its structured disposition, can enable people to focus on their recovery in a controlled and safe environment without the triggers and distractions of everyday life.

Research indicates a direct connection between the duration of stay in residential treatment and healthy treatment outcomes. Three studies evaluated the cogency of residential treatment among women; precisely, if the duration of stay in residential treatment influenced recovery outcomes after treatment quit. The three studies indicated high treatment achievement rates among the women who were kept up in residential treatment for six months or more. It suggested that the duration of stay among women in residential treatment is essential for the effectiveness of the treatment.

Medication for alcohol and other substances is a procedure that must be repeatedly monitored and assessed. The treatment does not have an endpoint. Study indicates that most people who enter and remain in treatment stop using drugs and alcohol, enhance their social, mental, and occupational functioning, and stop criminal activity. Residential treatment can be a crucial part of successful healing by giving a safe space for you to concentrate on yourself and your recovery without the distractions and needs of everyday life.

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