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Methadone is an opioid, like opium or heroin. Methadone maintenance medication has been used to deal with opioid dependence since the 1950s. The opioid conditional patient takes an everyday dose of methadone as a pill or liquid. This curtails their withdrawal symptoms and longing for opioids.

Methadone medication alters the way a person’s nervous system and brain respond to pain to feel relaxed. Its impact is slower than those of other powerful painkillers like morphine. The doctor may specify methadone if a person is in a lot of discomfort from a wound surgery or long-term disease.

It also halts the high feeling from drugs like morphine, heroin, codeine, hydrocodone, and oxycodone. It can give a related feeling and protect the person from having withdrawal cravings and symptoms – it’s known as replacement therapy. It is usually just one fraction of the medication plan and not a remedy for addiction.

How Is Methadone Used?

If a person requires methadone for pain, the doctor will jot down a prescription. For dependence, the person will get it from a private treatment program. Methadone arrives in powder, tablet, and liquid forms. The person has to have a prescription to get it. The providers will lend the person the dose that should work adequately for the person. They also might alter the dose during medication. Tell the doctor how one feels when they use it. Do not stop taking methadone without speaking to them.

Follow the dose instructions precisely. If the doctor specifies tablets that are “dispersible,” fade all or part of the tablet in liquid that is usually citrus-flavored drink or water and drink it all. Experts tell people who take methadone to deal with an addiction should use it for at least a year while they work on healing. Then, when it is time to quit, the doctor will enable the person to do so slowly to deter withdrawal.

Some people consume methadone illegally, without medication. Most of them inoculate it, which can endanger them to diseases like hepatitis C and HIV. Methadone is addictive, like additional opioids. However, taking methadone is not the same as being conditional on illegal opioids such as heroin:

  • It is stabler for the patient to consume methadone under medical maintenance than it is to take heroin of unknown virtue.
  • Methadone is consumed orally. Heroin is often inoculated, which can direct to HIV transmission if syringes and needles are shared.
  • People on heroin frequently spend most of their time attempting to attain and use heroin. This can pertain to criminal activity such as stealing. Sufferers of methadone do not require to do this. Instead, they can embark on productive employment, education, and parenting activities.

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