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For many people striving with alcohol or drug addiction, medication with naltrexone is a tremendous option. By obstructing some of the acceptable rewards correlated with opioid or alcohol use, naltrexone toils to decrease cravings and reduce the need to proceed using the substance.

Naltrexone is a treatment often used as a medication to help people with opioid or alcohol dependence, for example, heroin, pill pain medications. Naltrexone suits into a classification of medications called opioid antagonists. This implies that naltrexone can prevent the effects of opioid materials in the brain and thus enables the management of the temptation or craving for alcohol or drugs. Naltrexone may be carried daily in pill form but is accessible as a monthly injection.

Naltrexone treatment centers are utilized in programs that carry medication-assisted therapy. MAT is the use of a drug to treat addiction, usually incorporated with an aspect of behavioral counseling or therapy. MAT is known to:

  • Reduce compulsive drug use behaviors
  • Curtail cravings for the substance
  • Alleviate the discomfort of departure when the drug of abuse is not accessible

Despite its critics, MAT does not alter one addictive substance for another. It is a component of a helpful treatment plan that, for many people, has revolutionized substance abuse treatment. MAT treatments can be beneficial in treating substance dependence without establishing a new addiction when taken as directed. Naltrexone is just one of the fundamental medications used to treat alcohol and opioid addiction. In opioid treatment, buprenorphine and methadone are other generally used medications.

Naltrexone works contrarily than these choices. Rather than generate the opioid receptors in the body, naltrexone hurdles these receptors. While the receptors are obstructed, other materials cannot activate them, implying that someone on naltrexone will not understand the full desired consequences of opioid or alcohol use.

Compared to other aspects of MAT for opioid and alcohol addiction, naltrexone holds many advantages. It is a suitable medication in MAT due to the following properties of naltrexone:

  • Safe plus effective when used as prescribed
  • Not addictive. Someone can stop use at any moment without withdrawal indications, and there is no requirement to taper the dosage gradually
  • Does not create a high or respiratory recession
  • Long-acting, significantly as a monthly injection
  • Compels readily to the opioid receptors
  • Desirable for people enthusiastic about ending all alcohol or opioid use
  • Does not result in depression, although some people encounter mood symptoms while on treatment

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